Cinematize 2 for Windows Version History


Cinematize 2 for Windows Version 2.03.6


  • Installer now compatible with Windows Vista
  • Added preference setting to not delete intermediate files
  • Added MPEG-4 File options (in Preferences) for 640x480 and full DVD frame size
  • Added support for saving to Apple TV movie files
  • Improved extraction speed for CPUs with SSE2 support
  • Added Edit > Clear All menu option to empty DVD file list
  • Double-clicking now selects a VTS directly
  • Improved handling of corrupted AC-3 audio streams
  • Improved compatibility of MPEG-2 Program Stream files
  • Improved calculation of free space required when saving decoded data
  • Improved handling of empty audio tracks


  • Fixed problem in working with directories marked Read Only
  • Fixed problem with H.264 codec and QuickTime output


Cinematize 2 for Windows Version 2.02.5


  • Added MPEG-4 File output for iPod and web
  • Added iPod Movie File output (QuickTime 7.03 or later required)
  • Improved color control during compression
  • Improved DV Stream export function
  • Improved handling of audio/subtitle streams on complex DVDs
  • Improved handling of corrupted AC-3 audio streams


  • Fixed Dolby Surround Sound downmix problem
  • Fixed problem extracting ending chapters on certain DVDs
  • Fixed problem in reading chapters on certain DVDs


Cinematize 2 for Windows Version 2.01.4


  • Improved handling of non-standard DVDs
  • Improved handling of complex DVDs
  • Improved preview of video stills where audio is present
  • Current QuickTime file format setting is now saved
  • New display of currently selected VTS
  • Full Japanese language localization
  • Support for operation under non-English system languages


  • Fixed play/pause button display problems
  • Fixed problems with full-motion preview on Pentium 4 systems
  • Improved installer checking for presence of QuickTime


Cinematize 2 for Windows Version 2.00.3

Initial release of Cinematize 2 for Windows, functionally equivalent to Cinematize 2.03 for Macintosh.