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We appreciate our users' comments. Although we may not be able to respond to everyone, we do read every single one of them. If you have any comments or feedback, including product performance, feature requests, our customer service, etc, please send them to our Support Team. We'd love to hear from you.

"Let me first say that I've really enjoyed the Cinematize3 and Reframe products I bought from you guys at MacWorld. Once I got the hang of the interface, I got pretty quick at what I needed out of these. Congratulations on these great products!"
--- Dan C.
"I have been a satisfied user of Cinematize 2 Pro for several years. I upgraded to the latest version (Cinematize 3 Pro) at Macworld and wanted to tell you that I like it very much. It is a very nice upgrade over the previous version. I especially like the save settings feature and the save extraction list feature as well. Also, I thought the manual was extremely well written. I rarely read manuals but I read yours from front to back. Whoever wrote it should get a raise."
--- Mark C.
"I have successfully upgraded to Cinematize 3 Pro and have been using it for a while. The user interface and the extraction speed of Cinematize 3 Pro is so much better than those of Cinematize 2. This upgrade was a very good purchase."
--- Toshitaka M.
"Congratulations on a great new product. It (Cinematize 3 Pro) adds exactly what I needed to the previous version. Also, kudos on a great manual, and packaging. I've been using Cinematize since MacWorld 2005. I have to say it is one of the finest programs ever for the Mac. Zero issues, and awesome support!"
--- Kim H.
"Thanks again for taking the time to explain things so well. ..... Quality customer service is rare so it is greatly appreciated. :)"
--- Matt B.
"Oh my G-d! You have NO idea how much easier your software just made my life ... ripping elements for Final Cut Studio. This software is amazing. Thank you!"
--- Jim
"I bought Cinematize Pro a little while ago, and it is GREAT! It's a HUGE time-saver. I used to spend hours and hours using MPEG Streamclip (Mac) to collect favorite parts of my DVDs, but Cinematize Pro is definitely the way to go! ... Kudos to you guys! It's worth every penny!"
--- Ted S.
"What a great product. Now I can pre-edit and insert my Canon DVD clips in iMovie. Thanks!!"
--- Gretchen R.

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