Miraizon Store Policy

Online Store Policy

Please note that the policies outlined below only apply for products bought directly though the Miraizon Web site, http://www.miraizon.com. For Miraizon products purchased through other stores, please see the section "Products Bought Through Other Stores" below on this page.

Purchasing Downloadable Products

For downloadable product orders, no shipping fees or taxes apply. Once your order is completed with payment, you will receive two email messages within 24 hours (usually within 30 minutes): one is your receipt along with a download link near the bottom; the other will include your serial number. This process happens automatically via our computer system, however occassionally there may be delays due to server traffic. Also some spam filters may filter our emails. If your mail program supports "safe" list, such as hotmail, please add miraizon.com to your safe list before you place an order.

For security reasons, our dowload links expire after 48 hours or 3 download retries, whichever comes first. It is our customers' responsibility to create or purchase a back-up copy of the original installer for use with a new computer purchase, a hard drive failure, or any other emergency. The Miraizon End User License Agreement permits customers to make one copy of a purchased product solely for the purposes of back-up or safe-keeping. As a convenience, we sell back-up CD-ROMs at a nominal cost for all of our products.

Please see our Store FAQ page for further information regarding installer downloads and receipt of our automatic emails.

Shipping Policy (for Box and Backup CD-ROM Products)

Box and back-up CD-ROM product orders received by 9:00 am Pacific Time Monday through Friday (excluding US national holidays) will be shipped within 48 hours. Most likely orders will ship the same day or the following day, but 48 hours is what we guarantee. If you have an emergency and need the packaged product right away, please email the Miraizon sales team. Although we make no guarantees, we will do our best to expedite your shipment. Box and back-up CD-ROM product orders received after the cut-off time will be shipped within 48 hours from 9:00 am Pacific Time the following business day, excluding holidays. Please note that we cannot accept orders specifying delivery on Saturday, Sunday, or US holidays.

International Delivery (Outside of the US) of Boxed Products: Please note that for international shipments, the shipping time indicated in our Shopping Cart page is an estimate and it is not guaranteed. This is because all international shipments are subject to customs inspections and neither Miraizon nor our shipping agent will have any control over this process. In our experience, most international shipments clear customs quickly, but occasionally clearing customs may take several days. Please email the Miraizon sales team if you have any questions or concerns about your shipment.

Back-up CD-ROM Products: We provide back-up CD-ROM products as a convenience for our customers. Shipping and handling fees are included in the price. To keep the price as low as possible, all back-up CD-ROM orders will be shipped by USPS First Class mail or airmail only. The only exception will be for combined backup CD-ROM and box orders, in which case the backup CD-ROM will be shipped along with the box via the specified shipping method. Therefore, please be aware that no tracking information will be available for backup CD-ROM orders.

Sales Tax and Duty Information

We will collect sales taxes on all orders for physical products shipped to addresses within the state of California. Import taxes and duties may apply for international (outside of the United States) destinations. Customers are responsible for all such customs taxes and duties.

Payment Information

Miraizon accepts all major credit cards, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB. Miraizon can also accept purchase orders from companies and institutions. Please contact the Miraizon sales team for more information.

Return Policy

All sales are now final. Miraizon will no longer accept any product returns.

Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy. Please see our Privacy Policy.

Products Bought Through Other Stores

All the policies described on this page apply only to Miraizon products purchased through Miraizon's online store at http://www.miraizon.com. Miraizon also distributes its products through other retailers, including both physical retail stores and online stores. Please note that each retailer has its own store policy, and if you purchase our product through one of these retailers you must follow their store policies. Miraizon has no control over other retailers' store policies, and as such we cannot be held responsible for those policies.