Miraizon DNxHD and ProRes Codecs for Macintosh Version History


Miraizon DNxHD and ProRes Codecs Version 2.0


  • New support for ProRes 4444 XQ profile encoding/decoding
  • New support for DNxHD 444 profile encoding/decoding
  • New encoding rate control system with improved image quality
  • New threaded encoding system for faster encoding performance
  • New support for r4fl pixel format
  • New support for 4:2:2 decoding into b64a pixel format
  • New DNxHD interface to select between 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 encoding


  • Improved initialization and threading for better Adobe compatibility
  • Fixed decoding to allow repeated reads of the decoded frame data
  • Fixed ProRes interlaced video problem for certain frame heights
  • Changed DNxHD end of frame marker location to follow Avid model


Miraizon DNxHD and ProRes Codecs Version 1.01


  • Added support for older style options dialogs for Adobe compatibility
  • Added support for ARGB (8/16 bits), BGRA, and r408 pixel formats
  • Added SSE2 acceleration for all 10 bit input/output functions
  • Added new Codecs Registration utility
  • Improved ProRes data rate targets to better scale by frame size
  • Improved performance for ProRes encoding and DNxHD decoding


  • Fixed problem with 10 bit unaccelerated 4:2:2 input/output
  • Fixed ProRes alpha plane encoding problem
  • Fixed DNxHD field order flag problem when encoding interlaced video


Miraizon DNxHD and ProRes Codecs Version 1.00

Initial release of Miraizon DNxHD and ProRes Codecs for Macintosh.
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