FAQ de la boutique

This page answers questions you might have about purchasing our products. If you don't see your questions answered here, please contact the Miraizon Sales Team. For technical questions, including questions regarding product features, please see our Support FAQ pages.

Pre-Sales Questions

Q. What are the differences between the Windows and Mac versions, besides the system requirements?

A. The Windows and Mac versions of our products offer exactly the same set of features.

Q. What are the differences between the downloadable and box versions?

A. Downloadable versions include the user guide in PDF form. Box versions include a backup installation CD and the user guide in both printed and PDF forms.

Q. What version am I buying when I buy from you?

A. If you buy a downloadable product from the Miraizon Store, be it a Mac, Windows, or upgrade product, you will always get the latest available release of our products. If you buy a box product, we cannot guarantee that you will get the latest release, but it will likely be the latest. After you finish the product installation, choose "Check For Update" to see if an update is available for download from our web site.

Q. What language localizations do you offer for your products?

A. Our Cinematize and Cinematize Pro downloadable software products are localized into English, Japanese, and French, with online help and manuals localized into English and Japanese. Our Reframe downloadable software products are localized into English and Japanese, with online help and manuals localized into English and Japanese. Our box products offer printed manuals in English only. Japanese box versions are available through our Japanese web site. We may offer further localizations in the future.

Q. What is an upgrade version? How do I buy an upgrade version?

A. Upgrade versions are our way of offering a discounted upgrade path for existing users of our products. Upgrades require a valid serial number of a previous Miraizon product. Only one upgrade product purchase is permitted per serial number, and users of boxed and downloadable products are both equally qualified to upgrade. Eligibility and pricing of upgrades is subject to change at any time and will depend on which product you currently own.

To purchase an upgrade, go to our Miraizon Store page and select the upgrade product you wish. Make sure to select your current product under the "Choose Version" option to get the special upgrade price. On the following page, you will be required to enter your current product serial number. Once your number has been accepted, you will see the upgrade product added to your shopping cart. Should you wish to continue shopping, you may always return to your shopping cart with your upgrade product intact by choosing "Shopping Cart" from the left side menu.

Q. If I buy the downloadable version, what happens if my hard drive crashes or if I use a different computer?

A. Our download links expire in 48 hours or after 3 download attempts for security reason. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you create and keep a back-up copy of the product installer, or purchase a backup CD-ROM in case of an emergency. Our End User License Agreement permits you to make one copy of a product you have purchased solely for the purposes of keeping back-up for safe-keeping. If you do need another download link, you can make a request using this form.

Q. What is a backup CD-ROM?

A. We provide backup CD-ROM discs at a nominal cost as a service to customers concerned about having a backup copy of their software purchase. Backup CD-ROM products are only available for customers who purchase full or upgrade versions through the Miraizon Store. Fees for shipping and handling by regular first class postal mail or airmail are included in the cost for both US and international customers.

Q. Are updates free? How about upgrades?

A. Our policy is fairly standard in the industry. Updates (minor version changes, e.g. from 2.03 to 2.0x) with minor new features and fixes are free. Upgrades (major version changes, i.e. from 1.x to 2.x) will include major new features. Because upgrades involve siginificant additional development effort, they will generally not be free. However, we will usually offer special upgrade pricing for existing users.

Q. Which credit cards do you accept?

A. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB.

Q. Is your online store secure?

A. Yes, our online store is secure. We use encrypted transmissions (secure HTTP or HTTPS) to protect your personal information during your purchase transaction. We also promise to protect your personal information after that according to our Privacy Policy. In addition, the Miraizon site is tested and certified daily to pass the FBI/SANS Internet Security Test. The McAfee Secure mark that appears on our store page is only displayed after our site security has been certified to meet the highest security scanning standards of the U.S. government, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB. Click on the logo to see more details about our certification. We are also an Authorize.net verified merchant. So yes, you can rest assured that the Miraizon online store is secure.

Q. What is your privacy policy? Will my personal information be protected?

A. Miraizon is committed to protect your privacy. We do not sell or provide your personal information to any third party. For more details about our privacy policy, please visit our Privacy Policy page.

Q. Can I buy your box versions at retail stores?

A. Yes, we sell our box products in major retail stores in the US, Canada, UK, and Japan. Please see our Other Ways to Buy page for more details.

Q. What are my shipping options and when will my order arrive?

A. We can ship both domestically (within the US) and internationally. For US shipments, we offer ground shipping (5 to 7 business days), 3 day air (3 business days), 2nd day air (2 business days), or next day air (the next business day). For international shipments, we can ship by USPS Global Express Mail or International Ground (to Canada and Mexio only). You can see additional information about our shipping policies on our Store Policy page.

Customer Service Questions

Q. My serial number does not seem to work. Why is this?

A. Generally, this results from typing errors. If you bought a downloadable version from the Miraizon online store, the easiest thing to do is to find your original email with the serial number, then copy and paste each group of characters from the email into the corresponding boxes.

If you bought a box product, you will have to type in the printed characters from your CD sleeve. Be careful when typing in the following characters:

  • The letter o (no slash) versus the number zero (has a slash)
  • The number one versus the letter i (has top and bottom bars)
  • The letter s (rounded) versus the number five (square)

Q. When I try to download, it says "Download retry limit has been reached, or download time limit has expired." What is wrong?

A. For security reasons, our links expire after 48 hours or 3 download tries. Once a download link is emailed, we recommend that our customers download the installer right away and also create a back-up copy or purchase a back-up CD-ROM from our store.

You may also see this message the first time you try to download if you are using a tool such as Speed Download. These utilities attempt to open multiple downloads at once and use up all your download tries without finishing any. Therefore, we recommend that you turn off such utilities before downloading products from our store.

If you need a new download link, you can submit a request to us using this form.

Q. When I try to download, it says "Unable to open shopping cart data file" and I can't download. What is wrong?

A. You get this message if your download link is incomplete. As you can see in this example, our download link is rather long. In the example, everything from "http" to "332d0" is your download link. The "key=" portion is also part of your download link and is not your serial number. If your email program wraps the link onto two lines, you will need to copy the lines and paste them into your web browser. Make sure there are no spaces or extra characters and nothing between the "cgi?" and "key=" portions of the link.

Q. I bought the downloadable version but I have not received any emails, or I just received one email but not the second one. What do I do?

A. When you purchase downloadable products from our store, you should receive two emails from us-- one with a copy of your receipt and download link, and the other one with your serial number. These emails are usually sent out almost immediately, but occasionally the network may be slow and it may take 30 minutes or more.

Depending on the anti-spam settings of your mail server and mail program, our emails might also be inadvertantly put into your junk or spam mail box, or even deleted automatically by your internet provider. So please make sure to check your junk mail box and verify that you did not misspell your email address when you placed your order.

As a general rule, if you don't receive two emails from us within 30 minutes of purchase and those mails are not in your junk mail box, please email the Miraizon Sales Team or contact us by phone. We will try to help you as soon as we can. Sending us an alternative email address often helps.

Q. I don't have my original installer and/or serial number any more. Can you help me?

A. It is our customers' responsibility to keep a back-up copy of the original installer and serial number in a safe place to avoid situations like this. Our End User License Agreement permits you to make one copy of our products solely for the purposes of back-up or safe-keeping. Should you ever need your installer and/or serial number again, you can submit a request to us using this form.